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Building an Operating System, Before you download

Before you download FEMOS please read this disclaimer, if you do not like what I say, do not download the files here.

  1. Don't trust this code, if you want an OS you can trust use Linux instead. If you try to do something fancy and FEMOS blows up in your face, DO NOT BLAME ME, I warned you, you trust this code you DIE!
  2. I helped write FEMOS, most of the work was actually done by a friend of mine, Insop Song, and most of the time I was just giving him moral support. But I still wrote some of this stuff so I guess I was one of the makers of this little program.
  3. Based on point 1. please don't sue Insop or myself, we are just poor University students trying to help educate anyone interested in learning how an OS works. We don't have much money so any of that legal stuff probably won't get you very much, go after McDonald's or someone who actually has money instead.
  4. Don't expect this code to even compile let alone work, this code is only supposed to be instructional, not actually useful. Like I said, you want a working OS, look at BSD or Linux.
If you agree with the above points, and you really promise not to sue me then click here to download. Note, if you are using Windows you will probably want to use something like WordPad to view the files (or Visual C) and I think winzip should decompress this. I give instructions in chapter 1 on how to decompress this in Unix.

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