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This is my dog, his name is Chief. Most of my life, particularly my bed is operated, cleaned & cetra only for his pleasure. N.B. his full name is Lord Chief Justice, dad and I could never agree on which justice he's named after, I say Sir William.

Do not disturb Chief when he is sleeping.

Chief sleeps a lot.

This is the CN Tower as seen from below, the CN Tower is probably the most distinctive building on the Toronto Skyline, it is the largest free standing tower in the World. To get to the restaurant at the top of the tower one would have to climb some 1776 steps, roughly 110 storeys.

These are some of the employees, friends and family of Professional Digital Solutions, we climbed to the top of the CN Tower to raise money for the United Way. Note: Sheri Cole (CFO), the women, was about 12 weeks pregnant when this happened.

These are some of the same people after the elevator ride back down.

Here are some more PDS stair climb survivors.

This is my cousin, Rachel.

This is Jessica Lilly Cole, she is my niece, she was born Saturday May 6, 2000 at 03:53.

This is a photo of Jessica and myself, taken on Monday afternoon.

I hope Jessica likes ice cream, my not so secret plan is to spoil this one, me and about a million other people all have the same plan. :-)

More Jessica photos

Jessica and her mommy, Sheri.

More Jessica and mommey photos.

Jessica and her bubby, Sylvia.

Even more Jessica and mommey.

All these photos must have made Jessica hungry.

This is Chief, right now I'll bet he is thinking: "Michael take photo's of something else, PLEASE!"

"Okay Michael this is really going to far, put your camera some place else."

"Michael, I am going to ignore you, crawl into your bed and take up all of your space, you can sleep in the backyard!"

One of the very first photo's of Jessica ever taken, she was about 10 maybe 15 minutes old.

Jessica at about 11 hours of age, I don't think she liked the incubator much.

Zadiah (Yiddish for Grandfather) David.

The family, most of it anyway about 5 minutes after Jessica was born. Left to right: Melanie, Sarah, Brian, Bubby Lyla, Bubby Sylvia, Zadiah David.

Chief again, notice how he has taken over half of my bed, the middle half. I get to sleep in the back yard tonight.

Bubby Sylvia, shortly before trying to kiddnap Jessica for the 18th time. :-)

Ghenghis and Kublai, notice how they seem to believe that they have more rights to my bed than I do.

Lord Chief Justice reading his favorite paper in his favorite place in the World, my bed. (Another night in the backyard for me, sigh.)

Chief, Ghenghis and Kublai, fighting like cats and dogs.

Chief has decided that the most logical place for his bed is on top of mine, apperently it is more comfortable that way. Of course I can not sleep under all that.

The Yellow Labrador in throughly Canadian form, Lord Chief Justice at the cottage near Parry Sound.

Jessica and one of the less flattering pictures of myself. - I just got out of bed.

My cousins Benjamin and Rachel

Rachel, the world's foremost authority on matters oral.

Jessica, Daddy & Mommy

"Dad why is the sky blue?"

Do I get royalties for that photo?

Now I know how Chief feels.

Dad, I want a raise, I want two bottles of milk an hour...

Where's the ice cream?

Jessica with Daddy

Jessica with Daddy some more

Jessica eating, Zadiah David's hand

Jessica is done eating.

Jessica with big eyes.

Chief has permitted me to sleep in my own bed, but just this once you understand.

As far as Chief is concerned there is one thing in the world worse than a camera in his face. This is Merlin, he is about 8 months old (when this photo was taken) and he likes to poop in my room, sorry, Chief's room.

Notice Chief's displeasure?

Chief and Merlin

In loving memory of Noldi.

The Jessica collection, continued.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages step this way...

Pass the baby.

Hey dad, check out the TV.

Jessica and Zadia David.

More Jessica and Zadia David.

Jessica and Bubby Sylvia.

Jessica and Mommy

More Jessica and Mommy

True to her last name Jessica is happy becuase she has been fed.

Chief and Merlin, enjoying a quiet evening infront of the fire place.

Jessica doing her favorite thing in the World, eating.

A happy baby.

A very happy baby.

A photo of me.

Merlin cum rung, hint, the rug is not black.

Chief with bed, hint, Chief is the dog.

Daddy Mommey and Jessica.

Jessica and Mommey

More Jess and Mommey

Lei and myself, Aug 10, 2001 - Lei smells much nicer than the dogs do so you will more photos of us hugging each other!

Lei and myself, Aug 13, 2001 - This was scanned from a very small photo, hence the poor quality.

Lei and myself, Aug 2001 - I don't believe in the Zodiac stuff but I think this sticker picture was the fishy one. Pisces are the fish aren't they?

Lei and myself, Mid August - Lei is very sweet to me, that is why I am so happy!

Lei and myself, August 24, 25? - I love Lei very much.

Believe it or not, I did not have a five o'clock shadow, blasted printer added the darkness.

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